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Sauna Blanket


Features 1. Promotes perspiration: We know that sweating is good for the body this is because toxins leave your body when you sweat. What you sweat in a 10 minute session in a Gizmo sauna blanket is equivalent to a 30 minute walk. 2. Helps you loose of Calories: Infrared sauna session will help you at least 500 calories in a 30 minute session 3. Helps flush toxins and heavy metals out of the body: You practically sweat out these toxins and heavy metals. 4. Stimulates and promotes antibody: Infrared sauna helps to stimulate and promote the body’s natural ability to fight infections, viruses, and bacteria. You lose common cold through the use of an infrared sauna. 5. Increases metabolism: Infrared saunas stimulate and speed up metabolism and enhance the absorption of nutrients. 6. Helps with weight loss: Infrared sauna detoxifies and burns and melts excessive fats fast and safe. This results in a thin body. 7. Improves blood flow and circulation 8. Helps to clear skin of all form of impurities…this is why professional SPA, salons and even homes use it now. 9. Helps to promote quick recovering after exercise 10. Helps with skin rejuvenation, regeneration, and healing 11. Is great for relaxation 12. Helps with pain relief from back pain, arthritis, Lyme disease, sore muscles, and joints 13. Helps to heal deep tissue by supplying them with oxygen 14. Helps in opening up a nasal passage for a free flow of breath 15. Can help with cardiovascular problems 16. It helps to reduce stress and fatigue because it produces deep relaxation…you may even fall asleep in a sauna session. 17. It may also help to reduce cellulite if not completely eliminate it. 18. Helps with high blood pressure 19. Helps with rheumatoid Arthritis 20. Improves body constitution and boosts energy 21. Improves and boosts the body immune system and help to prevent the growth of cancer cells 22. Relaxes muscle spasms 23. Is great in winter and cold season 24. Helps with detoxification thus promoting clear and glowing skin 25. Is also found to help combat acne by supporting the body’s own detoxification 26. Quickens Lipolysis: It removes excessive fats from your tummy, waist, hip, arms, and legs 27. Acts as physical therapy for Myalgia and Neurosis 28. Diminishes inflammation 29. Helps with the sleeping disorder 30.Brings feelings of wholeness, health, and wellness